Details about SAT exam

Scholastic Aptitude Test is the SAT exam specially for higher education. SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Test are the types of SAT exam. Reasoning is must and necessary while subject is optional only. But few universities required the both.

How to appear SAT exam
You can register online or by mail through It will give full information about registering for the SAT and also the dates for the next SAT exam would be available there. To score high in SAT Reasoning Test you need a good command over English and a good vocabulary. SAT I registration cost of fee is USD 90 and for SAT II is USD 75 and additional fees of 30$ would be charged.These exams are offered on the 1st Saturday of May, June, October, November, December and January. In India for a year 6 times will be offered. You can attend the test unlimited times but it was not good it may affect the applicant’s candidature.

SAT Scorring Pattern
The score pattern of SAT is completely differing from other exams. For SAT I the minimum score is 600 and maximum score is 2400 with 10-point increment. SAT II the minimum score is 200 and maximum score is 800 with 10-point increment. Your scores will be valid for 5 years and the scores are available in 3 weeks after the exam date. The scores of SAT exams can be sent to 4 colleges directly by College Board only. The student wants to pursue their Bachelor’s in U.S. and Schools in Canada required the SAT I exam and to apply top universities of the U.S. requires SAT II exam and Bachelors of Engineering should take Maths & Physics or Chemistry. Maths sections are easy only and the basic which mostly includes the syllabus of class 6, 7 & 8 of Indian Boards. So, the above details about SAT exam are help to appear the SAT exam and it could be very helpful for all of you.


paras said...

does sat exam also include biology

Tenzing said...

I am a first year B Sc Microbiology Honours. I want to study in US n pursue higher studies abroad. So what should i have to do now?

Anonymous said...

is it me or the writer? There seems to be alot of grammatical errors in the above article. Poor english.

varda paropkari said...

is sat exam beneficial if i want to pursue engineering in computer science or IT??? and can i also know some more details about it?

Anonymous said...

hahahaah... i think this is written by someone from another country... i'm sure he/she score well on the math and science subjects, but not so sure about his reading/writing scores.

Anonymous said...

the fees for testing is wrong..

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