Preparation tips for SAT Exam

Different sections of test are available in SAT exam. First we have to allot a time for every section. Because each section is differ from one another. The total duration of the exam is 3.45 hours only.
1) SAT Essay Writing- 25 minutes
2) SAT Critical reading - 25 minutes
3) SAT Mathematics - 25 minutes
4) SAT Writing-Multiple Choice - 25 minutes
5) SAT Critical reading - 25 minutes
6) SAT Maths again but multiple choice - 25 minutes
7) SAT Critical reading And maths again - 20 minutes
8) SAT Critical reading - 25 minutes
9) SAT Writing-Multiple Choice - 10 minutes

Improving your vocabulary by reading good books, newspapers and finding the words and definition. Other thing is to take timed tests. It knows the “tricks” of the test. Get the College Board blue book and then to work out and practice. It is easy and comfort to write essays. You try to get good and advanced vocabulary through magazines like Time and American Scientist. Infact, some passages on the SAT critical reading section were taken directly from these magazines. Use this link : http//….

You concentrate on vocabularies and grammar errors and Maths formulas. Practice puzzles, vocabulary test, reading bunch of books daily. Nowadays, so much of online classes are available. It is very easy and flexible for students to carry on leaving at their own place.


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