SAT Preparation Courses Online

Many institutes and centers offering online SAT preparation courses for free and paid basis. These are very much useful for those preparing for the SAT examinations. Finding a cheap prep courses is a art. Mostly many of the online SAT tutoring is charging less. Here we are trying to giving you the links to the SAT Preparation Courses Online url and it is difficult to provide all. So we need your support in this record in order to help us ( not only us but also thousands of aspirants ). Provide the link to the online SAT preparation courses. Thanks and All the Best.

How to Score 2400 on the SAT?

You will not score 2400 on the SAT. I will tell you that you should;
1) One can take the SAT pretty soon to score a base score, something to show where you are at and how you can improve in each area of your SAT score
2) You can find those areas that you struggled in and improve upon them
3) Do as many practice tests as possible since this help you improve your confident level and score better in your SAT exam.

Preparation tips for SAT Exam

Different sections of test are available in SAT exam. First we have to allot a time for every section. Because each section is differ from one another. The total duration of the exam is 3.45 hours only.
1) SAT Essay Writing- 25 minutes
2) SAT Critical reading - 25 minutes
3) SAT Mathematics - 25 minutes
4) SAT Writing-Multiple Choice - 25 minutes

Details about SAT exam

Scholastic Aptitude Test is the SAT exam specially for higher education. SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Test are the types of SAT exam. Reasoning is must and necessary while subject is optional only. But few universities required the both.

Take a Practice SAT Exam Like a Real SAT Exam

It's great to take a practice SAT Exam. A practice SAT Exam is a great first step towards preparing for the official SAT Exam. By taking it in a proctored environment (like a high school) you can simulate the practice SAT exam as closely as possible to real SAT exam. This will allow us to understand exactly the type of atmosphere we will face when we take the SAT exam. If you plan to take SAT exam at home, You would try to get a friend or parents or relative to monitor the time for you. This way, you can focus solely on the SAT questions and not the clock. The amount of time allowed for each section should be included in the SAT test booklet.

Best Way to Study for SAT Vocabulary

Direct Hits is the most recommended vocabulary list, but Spark Notes offers a decent free list. Studying for SAT vocabulary in multiple ways increases your retention of the definitions. Try these SAT vocabulary study methods as you work through the flash cards:

1. Write out the words and their definitions.
There is a reason that your teachers have made you define hundreds of vocabulary words