Take a Practice SAT Exam Like a Real SAT Exam

It's great to take a practice SAT Exam. A practice SAT Exam is a great first step towards preparing for the official SAT Exam. By taking it in a proctored environment (like a high school) you can simulate the practice SAT exam as closely as possible to real SAT exam. This will allow us to understand exactly the type of atmosphere we will face when we take the SAT exam. If you plan to take SAT exam at home, You would try to get a friend or parents or relative to monitor the time for you. This way, you can focus solely on the SAT questions and not the clock. The amount of time allowed for each section should be included in the SAT test booklet.

At Revolution Prep, They hold thousands of SAT mock exams in local high schools across the country every year. Visit Revolutionprep to see if they are holding a mock SAT exam in your area. If they are not, simply make a call and they can send a SAT mock exam to your house. They will grade your exam and provide you with a full detailed mock SAT score report. The score report will allow you to really identify your areas of strength and weakness on the SAT test.

In addition, Revolutionprep has live online webinars, SAT tutorials, SAT flashcards, and plenty of other resources that will help you preparing for the SAT exam.


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