An Insight of Average SAT Score


The sat has three section with three scores from three section each measured on scale of 200-800.
* Critical reading section(200-800)
* Verbal reasoning section(200-800)
* Mathematics section(200-800)

Average sat score on each section is supposed to be 500. So since there are three part therefore the average score is 1500 out of score of 1500 will put one near above or below 50th percentile which means an score within range of 1500-1600 will put an candidate into top 50% student in other words 50% students scored above or below the test taker. If you’re taking sat in USA then your sat score will come with both national and state percentile.


Along with the SAT score you are given percentiles. This is a direct comparison of your score to the score of the other students who took the test. That means if you have scored 600 in the writing section and your percentile is 60, then you have scored more than 60% students who appeared in the test in the writing section. You are given percentiles for every section separately.


An average score is enough to get admission into decent universities but for elite universities such as Harvard and such outperforming average scores is required any score above 2000 is required to have a decent chance.For example the average sat score for Harvard usually looks like this:

* Critical reading:690-800
* Writing:700-790
* Mathematics:680-800

An score of 2100 will increase chances of admission to 20-30% and usually such score is enough to put one into top 90th percentile which means that 90% of test takers have score below you and you’re in top 10%.


A perfect score is 2400 for the new sat.Approximately out of 1000000 student only 20 student score a perfect on average.

In 2008, only 294 students scored perfect on the SAT out of 1.5 million testers, according to College Board SAT statistics.

Minimum SAT Score

The minimum average scores required for admittance to most schools fluctuates greatly. The average SAT score required by most IVY leagues schools is at least 1,900, although exceptions are made frequently. Most public universities will require SAT scores to be within the top 80% of all students. If a test taker does not achieve favorable results in high school, they can attend a junior college for a year to prove themselves academically. After a successful year in junior college, the SAT score becomes less important for admissions.

Mean SAT Scores

One way to consider how your SAT score stand up against the average is to look at the mean scores for a given year. These mean scores are based on the most recent SAT scores of a particular graduating class. Comparing your scores to these scores should give you a general idea of where you stand in the general population of SAT test-taking students.

The SAT consists of three sections with three separate scores, each on a scale of 200 to 800. The mean score in each section are as follows.

* Writing: 510
* Math: 520
* Critical Reading 508

These three scores are tallied together for your total score. The mean total score is approximately 1,538 points.

For SAT subject tests, mean scores will vary because different groups of students will take different tests. Therefore, you shouldn’t fall prey to the trap of comparing scores across the different subject tests, as those taking each test will have differing levels of ability in each subject. Instead, you’ll want to compare your scores just to those of that particular test to get a more accurate sense of where you stand.

For example, students taking the Mathematics Level 2 test will likely have a higher skill level in Mathematics than those taking the Mathematics Level 1 test and will have knowledge of comparatively advanced topics. Therefore, the same score will likely result in a higher percentile ranking on the Mathematics Level 1 test than on the Mathematics Level 2 test, but won’t necessarily be a “better” score representing a higher degree of Mathematics ability.


* The top 1% of all student taking sat have an average score of 2,290 or greater.
* To be in the top 10%, a SAT score of 2000 is needed.
* Approximately 45% of all test takers have average SAT scores between 1,400 and 1770.
* The lowest possible SAT score is around 500, although less than 1% of all test takers score below 790.
* Less than 15% of all test takers score below 1,200
* NEAR about 50% student score below or up to 1500 on test

SAT score and correlation to high school GPA

The average SAT score, based on a 2,400 point scale, seems to be directly correlated with high school grade point averages. Students who had A+ GPAs in high school have an average SAT score of 1,817. Students with an A average in high school average a score of 1,715. Students with a B average in high school average a score of 1,432 on the SAT. Students with a C average in high school average a score of 1,248 on the SAT.


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