Average Score on SAT

Downside of average score on SAT

SAT average score does not give you an overall view. It just expresses the score of the majority of students. In other words, it ignores the scores that are higher or lower than the average. The SAT result does not comprise of just the average scores. There are students who get a score above 2100. Some brilliant students also get the perfect score. Thus it will be unjust to exclude their score from the overall view. They should be given equal importance. Thus we can say that average sat score does not show a correct picture of the result. It generalizes the SAT score and thus is not a proper index of viewing the scores in totality.

SAT average score does not motivate students to do their best. Getting a SAT average score can satisfy students, as it is an acceptable score. Thus they do not aim for anything higher than it and do not put in enough efforts. Thus instead of getting a good score, they might even end up getting a below average score.

The importance of SAT exam lies in its score. Ultimately what matters is getting a score good enough for admission purpose. It could be an average score or an above average score. It is up to you to set your aim and achieve the right kind of score for yourself.


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