SAT Score

A good SAT score certainly increase your chances of admission in one of the better Colleges of USA. However, a good score of SAT is not the 'only' criteria for admission. Different elements like your "high school record" and several other issues are taken into account for deciding your admission. In addition to all these, various schools and colleges follow their own procedures while admitting students. Therefore, it is important to read the instructions outlined by the colleges.

Your SAT score is not the direct marks graded for your answers but it is the percentile score. Admission officers use different tools in addition to a good SAT score as admission ceiteria to reduce the heavy competition of admissions. Some schools give weightage to personal motivation of the candidates. So, be aware of the SAT details and be motivated towards your goal.

Your Subject score is reported on a scale of 200 to 800. The essay part will be evaluated in different manner. Two readers will read the essay and they award the score on the scale of 1 to 6. So, sometimes a high scorer in SAT looses the admission by not having scored well in essay part in select schools. Generally a SAT score of about 500 in Mathematics, 500 in writing skills and 500 in critical reading is good to secure admission in a better college. For best college admission, the scores generally should be more than 500 from each section of SAT. A good SAT score will also help you in seeking scholarships and financial aids for the entire study program.


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how do you convert your raw score to the actual score over 800?

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