SAT Preparation Tips

Here are some useful SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) Preparation Tips
  • Start your preparations well in advance of the scheduled date of the SAT test. Having ample time for the preparation before the actual schedule of the test is important. This reduces the final moment anxiety and help you take the exam in a relaxed state of mind.
  • As soon as the junior school course gets completed, take the subject tests of SAT. This is because, at that time, the subject content will be fresh in your mind. Get the right counseling from your subject teachers or counselors.
  • Downloading the SAT subject tests preparation booklet, which includes sample questions and instructions will help you prepare for the tests in the right direction.
  • There are various resources available to help your SAT preparation process. Internet provides best access to test study guides and practice tests that will help you prepare well. Apart from Internet there are many SAT mock test preparation centers where you can register and take many practice tests possible.
  • Time management is very important in SAT. Questions in SAT are arranged in ascending order of difficulty except the Critical Reading Section. Try to solve simple questions first and go on to tougher ones later.


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