Cancel SAT Test Scores

Use this form only if you wish to cancel scores for the SAT or SAT Subject Tests. Complete this form and give it to the room supervisor before you leave the testing room. You may cancel scores after you leave, but your request must be received no later than the Wednesday following your test day. If you are testing on a day other than the published administration date, check with the room supervisor for the deadline that applies to you. Completing and submitting this form will cancel ALL scores for ALL tests taken today, except in the event that your calculator or CD player malfunctions while you are taking an SAT Subject Test in Mathematics or a Language with Listening Test. Only in the case of equipment failure will you be allowed to cancel scores for a single SAT Subject Test. You must have communicated the equipment malfunction to the room supervisor during the Mathematics Test or the Language with Listening Test. Once Collegeboard receive your cancellation request, they cannot reinstate your scores, and they will not be reported to you or to your designated institutions.


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