SAT Score for Get into Atlanta Christian College

Founded in 1937, Atlanta Christian College is a private, four-year liberal arts institution preparing students to influence all spheres of culture for Christ. Atlanta Christian College grew out of the hopes and dreams of a group of Christian leaders who were a part of Christian churches in Georgia and the Southeast. Today, students come from a wide array of evangelical backgroundsand get into Atlanta Christian College. The College continues to be supported by congregations like those who were a part of its founding and who are committed to being “Christians only, not the only Christians.” ACC continues to thrive as a center of Christian learning because of the faithful support of individual Christians, missions ministries in local churches, and other interested groups who believe that the idea of a nondenominational Christian college in the South is an important Kingdom activity. The college’s traditional campus has been located in the Atlanta suburb of East Point, Ga., since the school’s founding in 1937. On February 2, 2011 student leaders and administrators announced the 2012 relocation of the main campus to West Point, Ga., an hour southwest of the current campus on the Georgia-Alabama line. The move will position the university to accommodate future growth of its student body, athletic offerings and physical campus, and better position it to draw students from more areas of the Southeast. Adult learning classes will continue to be held at the East Point location, as well as an adult learning program and dual-credit enrollment program for high school students at the current off-site location in Peachtree City. Plans also call for launching a satellite location in Savannah, Ga. in fall 2011. Along with the announcement of the expansion and relocation, college administrators and student leaders announced a name change to Point University (effective July 1, 2011). The new name captures where the university has come from and where it is going; it underscores the university’s focus of faith as the point of life and that its students are points of influence in culture and the marketplace.

SAT Score for Get into Atlanta Christian College
  • First-Year Students get into Atlanta Christian College
1. Complete and return the application for admission (complete it online or download a printable application). Submit a $25 nonrefundable fee for processing the application, payable by check or credit card.
2. Send an official high school transcript, or its equivalent, to ACC. If you are still in high school, submit a transcript with your grades and credits thus far.
3. Send an official transcript to ACC from every previously attended college, post-secondary school, or credit-by-examination testing (e.g., CLEP or AP).
4. Take the SAT-I and/or the ACT and request that an official report be sent to ACC (ACC’s code for the SAT-I is 5029; for the ACT, the code is 0785).
5. Have a minister or another person in a position of spiritual leadership fill out and submit the Spiritual Reference Form.
6. Send a final high school and/or college transcript prior to enrollment at ACC if you are currently enrolled in high school or college.
7. A $200 enrollment deposit should be submitted once you have made a final decision to attend ACC. The enrollment deposit is applied to your student account at registration, and is nonrefundable after May 1 for the fall semester and November 1 for the spring semester.
8. Students who are offered admission and decide to attend ACC will be sent additional forms to complete concerning housing, medical and immunization information. These forms must be submitted to the Student Development Office prior to enrollment.
For priority service, please complete your application file by:
Fall Semester - August 1
Spring Semester - December 1
When the items necessary to establish admission are received, the student’s application is evaluated and the student is notified of the Admission Committee’s decision. Applicants are encouraged to begin and complete the admissions process as soon as possible. Students who apply after August 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester may not be admitted in time for the beginning of the semester. Adequate time must be given for other institutions to send transcripts and documentation to ACC. Delays in the admissions process could adversely affect housing and certain types of financial aid considerations. Students who apply early receive several benefits. When the first five steps are completed by November 15 for the next fall semester, the student receives an early decision by the Admission Committee and receives priority consideration for certain types of financial aid and housing. The applicant must complete all required steps for final admission prior to registration as a student. Any applicant who has not submitted all necessary materials by registration day will not be allowed to enroll for that semester. An application is valid for one academic year. Updated application forms are required if one year has elapsed since the application was submitted.

Requirements for Admission to Atlanta Christian College
Admission is granted by the Admission Committee on the basis of satisfactory evidence that a student has the ability to succeed at Atlanta Christian College. In keeping with the mission and objectives of ACC, the admissions process seeks reliable confirmation of a student’s Christian character, academic preparation and social development. Admission policy and decisions are administered by the Admission Committee. Adequate academic ability will be demonstrated by two primary factors: (1) the grade point average (GPA) for high school and any previous postsecondary work; and (2) the scores on the SAT-I and/or the ACT. A high school diploma or its equivalent is required for admission to all programs leading to an associate or baccalaureate degree. Several categories of applicants have been established to address the specific needs and situations of those applicants. In addition to the “Application Procedures” for application, other considerations pertain to these classifications: international students, transfer students, transient students, home-schooled students, early or dual credit enrollment students, nondegree seeking students and readmission students. A student’s admission to ACC does not guarantee successful completion of any particular program of study. In addition, admission into the early childhood education program requires a 2.50 grade point average and other conditions; the counseling and human services internship (HRL 497) requires a 2.50 grade point average for the professional studies courses taken and other conditions.
  • Transfer Students get into Atlanta Christian College
A student who has attended another college should follow the regular admission procedure with the following stipulation: the student must be in good standing with the college(s) previously attended to be admitted to ACC. Students may transfer credits to ACC, from institutions accredited as degree-granting by a regional accrediting body for higher education at the time the coursework was completed, for relevant courses bearing C-minus or higher grades. Credits from colleges that are accredited by other accrediting bodies, as recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, are considered on a case-by-case basis. Credits from non-accredited colleges are not transferred. The amount of credit transferable from other institutions varies according to the student’s selected degree program.
  • International Students get into Atlanta Christian College
ACC welcomes international students who are interested in enrollment!
In addition to the regular admission process, a foreign national (one who is not a United States citizen) must provide the following:
1. Certified, translated copies of all academic records (transcripts) bearing proof of education that is equivalent to that gained in United States high schools and/or colleges, as the case may be.
2. A score of at least 500 on the written test or a 173 on the computer-based test from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) if the international applicant’s primary language is not English. Test information may be obtained through foreign embassies or through the College registrar. An applicant who submits TOEFL scores is not required to take the SAT-I or ACT. A foreign national whose primary language is English is required to submit scores from the SAT-I or ACT.
3. Proof of financial ability; since an international student is not generally permitted to hold a job in the U.S., evidence of financial ability must be supplied. A Certification of Finance form, detailing the means of support and amount of contribution, is required as part of the International Student Preapplication.
4. A completed International Certification of Finances form.

An I-20 form will be issued only after final, regular admission is granted. Any foreign national admitted to the United States on a student visa is required by federal law to be enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester.


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