SAT Confused Word Pairs

Affect/Effect: Affect, verb - The politician was very much affected by the people's demands; Effect, noun: The people's demands had a great effect on the politician. Exception: To *effect* a change.

Accept/Except: Accept - To take or receive something offered; Except - With the exception of

Allusion/Illusion: Allusion - Reference to; Illusion - Mirage

Deduce/Induce: Deduce - To derive a conclusion; Induce - To set off, cause

Defuse/Diffuse: Defuse - Render harmless; Diffuse - To spread

Different/Indifferent: Different - Opposite of same; Indifferent - Not caring, apathetic

Disinterested/Uninterested: Disinterested - Objective; Uninterested - Not Interested

Exceptional/Exceptionable: Exceptional - Out of the ordinary; Exceptionable - Objectionable

Imminent/Eminent: Imminent - Inevitable; Eminent - Distinguished

Imply/Infer: Imply - Strongly suggest; Infer - To draw a conclusion

Peak/Peek/Pique: Peak - Top of; Peek - Look secretively at; Pique - Excite

Raise/Raze: Raise - Elevate; Raze - Destroy

Simulate/Stimulate: Simulate - Create a model of; Stimulate - Excite

Visible/Visual: Visible - Able to be seen; Visual - Having to do with vision


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