SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests is the name for 20 multiple-choice standardized tests given on individual subjects, usually taken to improve a student's credentials for admission to colleges in the United States. Students typically choose which tests to take depending upon college entrance requirements for the schools to which they are planning to apply. Until 1994, the SAT Subject Tests were known as Achievement Tests, and until January 2005, they were known as SAT IIs; they are still commonly known by these names. Every test is now a one-hour timed test. Historically, the exception to the one-hour time was the writing test, which was divided into a 20-minute essay question and a 40-minute multiple-choice section; it was discontinued after January 2005.

A student may take up to three SAT Subject Tests on any given date at a flat rate $21 and $10 per test (unless it includes a listening portion, then it is $21 plus $21 per test). Most SAT subject tests are offered on the same day as the regular SAT. The language tests with listening are generally available only once a year, in November.

Test Subject Mean score[1] Standard deviation[1] Notes
SAT Subject Test in Literature Literature 583 111
SAT Subject Test in United States History U.S. History 601 116 Formerly American History and Social Studies
SAT Subject Test in World History World History 585 115
SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 1 Mathematics 593 102 Formerly Math I or IC. Consists of algebra, geometry, basic trigonometry, algebraic functions, elementary statistics and a few miscellaneous topics.[2]
SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 2 Mathematics 644 105 Formerly Math II or IIC. Consists of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, functions, statistics and a few miscellaneous topics.[3]
SAT Subject Test in Biology E/M Biology E-591
M-630 104
103 Students have a choice of taking either an ecological ("E") or molecular ("M") biology oriented test.
SAT Subject Test in Chemistry Chemistry 629 110
SAT Subject Test in Physics Physics 643 107
SAT Subject Test in Chinese with Listening Chinese 764 61
SAT Subject Test in French French 612 119
SAT Subject Test in French with Listening French 621 116
SAT Subject Test in German German 610 131
SAT Subject Test in German with Listening German 596 131
SAT Subject Test in Modern Hebrew Modern Hebrew 628 129
SAT Subject Test in Italian Italian 654 122
SAT Subject Test in Japanese with Listening Japanese 682 134
SAT Subject Test in Korean with Listening Korean 754 68
SAT Subject Test in Spanish Spanish 634 124
SAT Subject Test in Spanish with Listening Spanish 638 300


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