Is it neccessory to take SAT coaching class?

There is no doubt that SAT and other college admission test preparation have became a multi-million dollar business.We are bombarded from all sort of advertisement for joining preparation classes for SAT,ACT and TOEFL.A high score is also promised or guaranteed. I’ve even heard that sales people from prep companies wait outside of SAT test centers to catch students coming out of the exam! The abundance of classes can make it seem like every college bound student is attending them. Students beg and force their parents to shell out hundreds, or even thousands of dollars for these prep classes.While in reality there is no absolute need for prep classes.Better preparation can be achieved in less expenses many student study on their own and score higher than the students who took these are test prep classes bad no they do have some advantage the assistance provided is good.But similar and even better result can be achieved in less expense.There are outstanding SAT study guides available for less than 30$ and combined with official college board SAT study guide they create excellent preparation material.If you feel need of assistance seek help from your high school teacher or consider private tutor and you can even join internet forum to ask questions and in the end there are friends,internet and libraries. If you feel that a course really is going to be best, don’t immediately gravitate to “big test prep” – you know which companies those are! Often smaller, or local companies, provide great prep for a lower price. Many schools are now offering courses on campus, as well, so they may be a possibility.


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