Colleges, Universities and Institutions

If you are willing to study in USA then understanding the distinction between different types of degree granting institute. in the United States can be called by any of these terms, and colleges and institutes are in no way inferior to universities.Usually colleges are small and offer only undergraduate degrees. An institute usually specializes in degree programs in a group of closely related subject areas, so you will also come across degree programs offered at institutes of technology, institutes of fashion, institutes of art and design, and so on. Within each college or university there are schools,such as the school of arts and sciences or the school of business.
Each school is responsible for the degree programs offered by the college or university in that area of study.So one can say that school is not an education institute in itself but part of college or university.Universities are the institute who over a wide range of courses from undergraduate to graduate and upto post graduate level.Universities have better research facility and better funding and they provide better financial assistance to applicant.


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