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I am an international student and planning to study my undergraduate in the US, I took the SAT a few weeks ago and I wasn't so fast and left so many questions unanswered. today I got my scores online and it's like that
critical reading: 410
math: 480
writing 480
multiple choice 51
essay 6
do you think I can get into a state university with these scores?
A State University? Most likely. Your scores aren't horrible. Most schools can be found online and many of them will say, under their admissions requirements, what SAT scores they will accept. Worst Case scenario, you will have to go to junior college first, which is actually the better deal. same education, will help you get into a better university, and a lot less $.

I want to know, If someone knows how long your SAT scores take to get to the college of your choice. I am planning to take the December 5, 2009 test but don't know if my scores will make it to my deadline date of January 1, 2010 to summit my college application that is due that day.
Your scores should be available to schools at the end of December, so you're fine.

The SAT Reasoning Test scores of nearly everyone who took the May 1st SAT at the same testing site as I did are not posted and will not be until May 31 (although they were supposed to be posted today). However, my friends who tested at other schools have received their scores online already. Why would everyone's scores from the same testing site be delayed? Could it be caused by proctoring errors or the like?
Scores may be released later for reasons that include a late receipt of answer sheets, missing information on your answer sheet or information that is inconsistent with your registration information, or other uncommon conditions that flag your test for more attention. Also, if you took a make-up test later than the actual test day, your scores will be released later. We understand that it can be frustrating if you don't see your scores when you're expecting them, and we appreciate your patience.

I sent my sat scores to columbia university general studies when it should have been to columbia university-college. is there any way I can get the college board to give me the refund or for the general studies to send the report to the college?? help, i just made one terrible mistake and i don't want to spend any more than i have to
just call Columbia and explain the mistake - you should be able to have it fixed within the university. Otherwise, your high school should have that information and be able to mail it out for a minimal cost.

I am ranked about 15th out of 400 students in my grade, and all my school courses are about the most rigorous they offer. I wanted to see what the sat would be like, so i just took the registered for the sat's and took it with no preparation at all. And i kind of picked random answers in the last section of the sat, i wasnt expecting the test to be that long!
I got my scores recently and i got
470 Critical Reading
420 Math
470 Writing
Thats a 1360, and from my research that isn't really a great score if i expect to get into a school that i want to attend like University of Penn, Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University, and Columbia University. Hell, according to this site, Lynchburg College, I cant even get accepted to a school i never even heard of like Lynchburg College. I plan on taking the Sat's again around May. If I study during March and May, and take a Sat prep course, what would you guess my score would be based on my current score?
Well, your score should improve if you stop picking random answers, and take the test seriously. And it is a test that you must prepare for - at a minimum, take some practice tests at home, as you would in real life: in silence, without breaks, and timed. Your score will improve if you get used to the pace of the test, and how questions are asked. If you can afford it, you should also try to take an SAT prep class, because your SAT scores are no where near what U Penn, Johns Hopkins and etc. expect.

I just took the sat. are my scores good enough to get into a good college?
1690 overall
550 writing
540 reading
600 math
yeah those are fairly decent scores. Colleges also take GPA into great consideration so if you are at the top of your class and have a high GPA you should be able to get into a top college.

How do you figure out your SAT score from your individual scores?. I just got my SAT scores in the mail and it does not have the final score anywhere on the paper. I got my scores for each subject like math, writing, essay, multiple choice, and critical reading. My question is how do you figure out the final score from these individual scores? Do I just add them up?
All you need to do is add the math, critical reading, and writing scores. Leave out the essay.


Unknown said...

I have a weighted GPA of 3.85
Unweighted is about a 2.9
Math 610
Reading 380
Writing 460
total 1450

will i get into East Carolina University?

Anonymous said...

Grades aren't as important but they are starting to get strict. Just make sure you are involved in plenty of extra-curricular activities because that really makes you stand out and it helps them tell that you have more interest other than getting drunk, smoking and getting laid.

Anonymous said...

Is there a good chance of acceptance into Northeastern University's PharmD program with a 1930 on SAT and a 3.57 GPA?

Anonymous said...

I got a 1640 on the SATs and a 23 on the ACTs.I am taking a pretty rigorous senior year, including some college classes. Do you think I can get into the University of Pittsburgh?

Anonymous said...

My SAT scores are
reading: 550
writing: 570
math: 480
TOTAL: 1600
I go to a very competitive school where the many people get a 1700 or better SAT score thier first time. I have a 1600 with a 3.0/3.5 gpa. I also did lots of volunteering and am involved in school clubs. However i'm not persident of the clubs or anything. Will I be able to get into: (what are my chances)

1.University of Science in Philadelphia
2.Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
3.Drexel University
4.The College of New Jersey
5.Rutgers University
6.Temple University
7.University of Hartford

and are there any other good schools for Physical Therapy?! PLEASE HELP ME. THANKS.

Anonymous said...

hey i smoke crack

could i get into brown uni

vduong said...

sooo: MY GPA is 4.6 weighted, 3.8 unweighted. 14 in class of 500. Varsity field hockey captain,string orchestra concermaster,church volunteer musician. Sat,not so hot

560 reading
590 writing
610 math
9 essay

what kind of college can i get into?

Nishant Sharma said...

Can any one send his SAT scores his/her self to US University while applying for the same?

Anonymous said...

I took the sat today. While I was on the first math section I was down to the last question and time was running out. So in panic I answered it just as the proctor told us to stop. After that section there was a 5-minute break and the proctor told us to put our calculator on our desk. To make my self feel better i re-entered the calculations into my calculator to check my answer. (my booklet was closed and I had no intention of opening the booklet and changing my answer anyway). When the next section started my proctor came over and asked me what I was doing on my calculator and I told her I was checking an answer and she said she would have to report me. I wasn't cheating, I didn't have an 'unfair advantage' over any other student.

Will my scores be canceled?
What will happen?
Will I be able to take the test again?
What exactly did I do wrong?

Jessica said...

I signed up for the SAT knowing that it would not interfere with my school Spain trip, but the trip was moved onto the same day and I sitll had to take the SAT. My final score was 1840 and all of my categories were over 500, but I wasn't in the US so I couldn't stop that "could have done better" score to the top schools. Is there any way to cancel the scores weeks after it has been sent? They were sent on the 29th and today is the 31st. Is there anyway to cancel the scores? I am really scared.

Anonymous said...

how to send my SAT scores to unlisted university ?

Anonymous said...

Does an SAT waiver cover the Late Registration Fee as well?

Examsavvy said...

Sorry, you can not, you will have to pay for the test, along with the late fee. The fee wavier only works for before the deadline. Most people tend to forget the dates, Collegeboard should send out an email or something reminding us when each period is and stuff. Good Luck!

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