Average SAT Scores for Colleges

Score reports for the SAT I exams are cumulative. This means that each score report sent to a college or used for a scholarship will include information from the Student Descriptive Questionnaire as well as the scores of up to six SAT I and six SAT II exams. Separate scores for the mathematical and verbal sections cannot be sent. All testing results on the SAT I and SAT II (once released) are part of the same record and will be reported together.
As Colleges and Universities become more and more competitive and impacted the average SAT Score to get into schools has risen. The SAT was supposed to give students an equal opportunity chance into the Colleges as any other students despite “family backgrounds, inconsistent grading systems, and curriculum standards in the nations’ high schools” (www.collegeboard.com). Though now days these ideals may have been looked over. The SAT is a test that has nothing to do with the knowledge acquired in schooling. Furthermore, it does help if you come from a good background, because they can get a student the necessary tools to perform well on the SAT exam. Though, regardless of all the negative implications on the SAT’s I believe the SAT’s still serve their purpose of providing colleges with a consistent and reasonable way to admit students into their college.
Rushing Scores: The College Board provides a score rushing service. There is an additional service charge for this fee. Rushing scores will usually speed up delivery of scores by up to a week or a week and a half. Rush reporting does not mean rush marking. Check the SAT I or SAT II bulletin for the fee schedule and other information.


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